ufo mini 2 set
ufo mini 2 set
ufo mini 2 set
ufo mini 2 set

UFO mini 2 Set

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THERMO-THERAPY • Gently helps soften skin for enhanced absorption of ingredients. FULL-SPECTRUM LED LIGHT • Diminishes signs of imperfections & revitalizes skin. T-SONICTM PULSATIONS • Soothing massage relaxes tension points & smoothes signs of fine lines. MAKE MY DAY MASK • Hyaluronic Acid + Red Algae – For skin that looks and feels hydrated, protected & refreshed. MANUKA HONEY MASK • From New Zealand - Revitalizes tired skin, leaving it silky-smooth. ACAI BERRY MASK

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How to Use: 

  • STEP 1 Download app Download the FOREO app and follow the instructions to pair your UFO™ device.
  • STEP 2 Prep for use Remove the attachment ring from UFO™, and secure mask on device by clipping the attachment ring back into place.
  • STEP 3 Enjoy Gently glide UFO™ across clean, dry skin and massage the formula in using circular motions until the device turns off .
  • STEP 4 Finishing touch Use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin, until it is fully absorbed.


  • Hygeinic Silicone

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