ufo™ 2 power mask enhancing device
ufo™ 2 power mask enhancing device
ufo™ 2 power mask enhancing device

UFO™ 2 Power Mask Enhancing Device

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Introducing the ultimate skincare-enhancing device that features thermotherapy, cryotherapy, T-Sonic pulsations, and 8 LED lights to enhance the efficacy of serums and face masks. Featuring faster heating, cooling, and more LED light therapies, UFO™ 2 brings spa-level treatments into your home.


  • Pair UFO 2 with FOREO’s exclusive UFO™ Activated Masks, hydrating serums, or place over your favorite sheet masks to enhance their potency and unlock brighter-glowing skin from within.
  • Ultra-fast thermotherapy warms the skin to an optimal 113°F, a temperature proven to open pores for deeper product penetration
  • Cryotherapy cools the skin to a safe 41°F to reduce the appearance of puffiness and enlarged pores
  • T-Sonic™ Pulsations help drive skincare into the deepest layers of skin and gives a relaxing facial massage
  • 8 different LED light therapies address various skin concerns from a dull complexion to blemishes