two-step vanity mirror
two-step vanity mirror

Two-Step Vanity Mirror

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Enhance the look of your space with this unique beveled edge mirror. Featuring a two-step, or tiered, frame, this mirror takes on a three-dimensional quality that helps it stand out on your wall. This premium quality mirror is comprised of a silver polystyrene frame that's subtly textured with scratches, dots, and darkened edged for an antique look. Inside this elegant frame sits a genuine crystal mirror with bevel. This slightly angled edge gives the mirror a polished look while also providing you with a little bit of sparkle when the light hits it just right. Each mirror comes specially fitted with four D-ring hangers, allowing you to hang your new piece vertically or horizontally, giving you ultimate freedom in placement and room design.


  • 29.5" x 35.5"
  • Imported
  • Wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.