the comet collection - tuttle candle
the comet collection - tuttle candle

The Comet Collection - Tuttle Candle

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Tuttle is among the comets with the greatest beneficial influence on our universe, thanks to its orbit being one of the closest to the earth and, like all comets, it brings people joy, wonder, amazement and immense hope!

A precious tribute to happiness, addressed to those who are able to gaze at these comets with the dreamy eyes of a child.

The creation opens with a sparkling and joyful bouquet of fruits and citrus notes, dominated by Sicilian Grapefruit, embraced by the characteristic wild strength of Cassis and the revolutionary Romagna Peach, used for the first time in perfumery and a world exclusive of the Terenzi olfactory library.

This luxuriant head settles on a rich and opulent heart, where the echoes of regal white flowers can also be sensed, with lush Tuberose, Magnolia and Iris excelling, skillfully blended with Lily of the Valley and Royal Jasmine, thanks to the aphrodisiac overtones of precious and rare Ambergris.

The Tuttle comet will deliver to your souls a shimmering happiness and joy that will make the light in your eyes shine brightly once again, leaving you wonderfully fascinated and irresistible. The wake of the comet, in a drop of unique and inimitable perfume.

About Tiziana Terenzi: A third-generation Italian candle and perfume company, Tiziana Terenzi is dedicated to producing some of the world’s most exquisite scents. Tracing their roots back to the family’s production of church votives in the mid-20th century, siblings Tiziana and Paolo launched their line of richly scented candles and perfumes in 2012. The elegant award-winning vessels are all handmade and feature 24k gold detailing.


  • Made in Italy

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