source showerhead mineral water filter
source showerhead mineral water filter

Source Showerhead Mineral Water Filter

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Product Description Beauty begins in the shower. Free chlorine can cause hair frizz and reduce shine. Elevate your shower experience with the T3 Source Showerhead. The proven filtration system is a mineral mixture combining calcium sulfide, zinc, and copper to reduce free-chlorine from your shower water. The process, known as Redox, also helps to remove rotten egg smell, iron oxide (rust water), dirt, sediment, and odors from your water for a better and cleaner shower experience. This system has not been evaluated for free chlorine reduction in the presence of chloramines. Other features include: 7 Premium Spray Settings; Anti-Scaling; Filter; 2-Year Warranty This system has not been evaluated for free available chlorine reduction performance in the presence of chloramines. Free available chlorine reduction performance may be impacted by the presence of chloramines in the water supply. Please contact your local water utility to determine if chloramines are used in treating your water. Technology Rated Service Flow: Max 2.0 gallons per minute. Filter Life: 10,000 gallons or 6 months (whichever comes first). Max Working Pressure: 80 pounds per square inch. Max Operating Temperature: 120°F. Precautions Consult the enclosed user guide prior to use. Actual performance may vary. Filtration system not intended to be used as a drinking water treatment unit. System and installation must comply with applicable state and local regulations.

How to Use: 

  • Unscrew existing showerhead from pipe. Clean the threads. Wrap plumbers tape clockwise around pipe threads. Screw theT3 Source Showerhead into place and flush with hot water for 1 minute before showering.

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