smart brush classic
smart brush classic
smart brush classic
smart brush classic
smart brush classic
smart brush classic

Smart Brush Classic

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Developed to clean and whiten your teeth at the same time, the innovative and patented Sonic Blue Smart Brush is the only sonic toothbrush on the market that offers blue light technology, clinically proven to kill germs and bacteria on contact. With up to 33,000 strokes per minute, our Smart Brush makes it 100 times more effective at
removing plaque and reducing gingivitis than manual brushes.

Blue light
Patented blue light wave design kills bacteria for greater oral healthcare, plus accelerates whitening when combined with our Teeth Whitening Gel.
Anti-bacterial Bristles
Special soft bristles are healthier and cleaner to use. Plus, blue bristles fade to white when it’s time to be replaced. With Go Smile, only brush heads have to be changed, rather than expensive mechanical parts.
Sonic Vibration
The Quadrant Timer is a smart interval timer with a short pause in vibration to remind you to brush the 4 quadrants of your mouth. Regular and Gentle modes with a built in American Dental Association Recommended two minute timer to ensure proper brushing.

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