silk peony reed diffuser, 10.1 oz

Silk Peony Reed Diffuser, 10.1 oz

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With the Reed Diffuser the fragrance spreads into the room through thin wooden sticks. Once immersed and impregnated with the perfume, the reeds release the scent into the air.


  • Silk Peony Fragrance: Fresh citrus, tulips, daffodil, strawberry, Moroccan rose, peony, sandalwood, Madagascan vanilla.
  • The diffuser lasts until the fragrance evaporates (3-4 weeks).
  • When not using the diffuser, one may remove the reeds and close the bottle with the lid. This way, the fragrance lasts longer by avoiding its premature evaporation.
  • Black synthetic reeds: 11.8 inches
  • Elegant closing cap: in the color of the line
  • Refill: 5.0 oz  
  • Tip: the Reed Diffuser is suitable for small and large spaces. It also allows to recreate a pleasant homey atmosphere at work. 

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