plantable candle
plantable candle
plantable candle

Plantable Candle

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Meet our zero-waste PLANTABLE CANDLE. Taking a sustainable approach to gifting we took a classic, luxury candle and gave it a multi-purpose lifespan. Our hand-poured, soy-based CANDLE is a natural blend of Palo Santo, Rock Rose and Cedar notes. Ideal for burning tub side or in your bathroom sanctuary the aroma draws from nature with Japanese bathing inspired woodsy base notes of cedar mixed with musky palo santo and sweet herbal rock rose. When the candle is fully burned, use the included SEED PAPER - our unique, plantable take on the paper dust cover, with culinary herb seeds embedded inside - and a SOIL POD with water inside the terrazzo vessel. From there watch your herb garden grow.


  • Approximately 65-75 hours of burn time.
  • Each candle is housed in a beautiful, terrazzo ceramic vessel. The dust cover is made of SEED PAPER with culinary herb seeds pressed inside to plant once your candle is burned up. Each PLANTABLE CANDLE also comes with a pressed SOIL POD to plant your seed paper. All you have to do is add water, and the soil magically expands.
  • Made in USA.
  • Store away from direct sunlight.