Pawtrol Dual Converting Travel Safety Carseat and Pet Bed

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The Pet Life ®'Pawtrol' Dual Converting Travel Safety Carseat and Pet Bed doubles from a standard bed into a carseat for complete safety from distractions while driving on the road. This convertible car seat and pet bed features adjustable Quick-Click buckles that are designed to secure around the head rest on any vehicle, and a built-in seatbelt tunnel located at the back that further secures the bed to the seat. Additionally, the bed contains a built-in harness or collar connector that safely secures your pet to the bed and a built-in pouch for placement of any added belongings. The exterior shell is composed of a superior plush polyester-lined fabric for complete comfort with an included comfortable inner lounging pad that's Machine Washable, Buttery-Soft, and designed to promote restful sleep. Can be used as a regular dog bed. SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H 23.6 X 19.7 X 23.6


  • Polyester, Nylon
  • Imported
  • Spot Clean