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Love the look of vintage pieces, but not their price tags? Our antique-inspired Parvis rug in grey is the perfect piece for those looking for that luxurious Persian rug feel at an affordable and pragmatic pricepoint. Featuring an intricate design of interwoven vines, acanthus, and floral motifs, this eye-catching bohemian rug is perfect for high traffic areas in your home, office, or RV. Sometimes, keeping your area rug clean and tidy can feel challenging. From kids getting goo into the fibers, adults spilling wine and coffee, and pets having accidents, it can be daunting to keep your rugs clean! You can accent your space, protect your floors from spills and'scratches, and wash away germs and bacteria with our full line of no-fuss rugs. My Magic Carpet is an eco-friendly, sustainably sourced alternative to traditional rugs. Our rugs are so easy to clean, it's like magic!


  • 84" x 60"
  • Each rug is made of non-allergenic, stain-resistant 100% microfiber polyester, including a waterproof inner liner and a non-slip, patent-pending, webbed back.
  • Our revolutionary pet and family-friendly design make them easy to care for. Simply throw them in any standard sized washer and dryer.
  • Not only do our rugs come in a variety of patterns and styles to suit all your home decor needs, their practical and easy to care for design is perfect for all rooms in your home including covered patios.