modern apothocary cypress & fig, citrus & basil, leather & oud scented luxury candle set

Modern Apothocary Cypress & Fig, Citrus & Basil, Leather & Oud Scented Luxury Candle Set

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GOOD MATTERS Luxury Candles - from our home to yours: a first responder family created a line of products you can trust.

CYPRUS & FIG: Instantly transport yourself to a seaside Mediterranean village. The beauty of blue skies and crystal clear waters enchant, while the intoxicating scents of the landscape entice you. Rich, woodsy cypress shines as The delicate sweetness of ripe fig balance this sexy, earthy fragrance.

CITRUS & BASIL: Bring the outdoors in. This is a transformational scent: uplifting and invigorating with an ambiance you will want to recreate in every room. Grapefruit top notes act as the perfect citrus to pair with fresh basil. Earthy eucalyptus notes finish out this refreshing fragrance.

LEATHER & OUD: Imagine stepping into a luxurious room filled with the sultry aroma of worn leather and sweet, woody indulgent oud. The feeling is deeply relaxing and intoxicating. Sandalwood and oud create the essence of wood notes. Amber and tonka bean are the heart while rich leather rounds out this stunning fragrance. - Paraffin free soy wax blend & lead free cotton wick, with 60-70 hour burn time - Recyclable glass, with walnut stained wood lid and custom gift box -

GOOD MATTERS candles are designed in Los Angeles and created using premium luxury fragrances with a rich, highly scented burn.


  • Modern Apothecary Cypress & Fig, Citrus & Basil, Leather & Oud Scented Luxury Candle Set
  • Glass
  • Imported
  • Fragile. CANDLE CARE: - Keep wick trimmed to ¼ inch - Keep away from drafts, children and pets. - Burn 2-3 hours at a time - Extinguish safely and completely when finished burning

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