luxe turban towel with waffle microfiber
luxe turban towel with waffle microfiber
luxe turban towel with waffle microfiber

Luxe Turban Towel with Waffle Microfiber

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Product Description Maintaining long-lasting results goes beyond the hair tool. The T3 LUXE Turban Towel gently removes moisture from the hair after washing, decreasing the time needed for drying and styling. Created from soft, microfiber fabric with waffle weave texture, the LUXE Turban Towel absorbs excess moisture quickly and easily. After washing your hair, wrap the wider end of the towel around the nape of your hair. Twist the towel around the strands of your hair until all your hair is covered. To secure the towel, wrap the elastic loop around the coconut shell button to hold the towel in place. The microfiber material will quickly absorb water to help prevent excess frizz and damage to hair, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. The T3 LUXE Turban Towel is a delightful addition to your hair routine. Technology Material: 85% Polyester + 15% Polyamide w/ coconut shell button. Precautions Wash before using.

How to Use: 

  • Wash towel before use. Flip your hair in front of your face and place the towel over your hair, starting at the nape. Gather the edge of the material to your forehead and twist until the towel is fitted to your head. Then secure the tail to the coconut shell button at the back of your head. Usage varies by hair type and length.

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