lucea id 1” straightening & styling iron

Lucea ID 1” Straightening & Styling Iron

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T3 HeatID Introducing first-of-its-kind styling personalization. A smart-touch interface and 9 heat settings automatically adjust to your unique profile, based on hair texture, length and color treatments. Eliminate the guesswork with personalized heat that delivers smooth, shiny results. T3 Rapid HeatIQ® Engineered with a smart microchip, 9 heat settings, and CeraSync™ Heaters, T3 Rapid HeatIQ® delivers advanced heat precision for fast, beautiful results. Smart Microchip: Actively monitors heat fluctuations to ensure temperature consistency during styling. 9 heat settings: Deliver customized heat for every hair type and texture. T3 CeraSync™ Heaters: Evenly distribute and synchronize heat across both plates for fast, one-pass styling. Refresh Mode Automatically reduces your customized temperature to retouch your previously styled hair with less heat exposure and a boost of negative ions for frizz-free, shiny results. ThermaTouch® Advanced insulation technology makes the arms of the flat iron more comfortable to hold. Grip the flat iron with confidence for more precise styling.

How to Use: 

  • Turn on/off: To turn ON, press and hold the lit power button until the tool vibrates, and lights start to cascade up. To turn OFF, first unlock the tool by quickly double tapping the power button. Then, press and hold the power button until the iron vibrates and lights start to cascade down. Note: The power button remains on while the tool is plugged in, but the tool will not heat up until turned on. HeatID Mode: Set your HeatID profile: Tap and toggle through each HeatID icon to input your HeatID profile: hair texture (fine, medium, coarse) hair length (short, medium, long), and color treatment (color or not color-treated). Icons will stop blinking upon the first tap, and become brighter to indicate each selection. Lock your HeatID profile: Double tap the power button to lock your profile. The iron will begin to heat up. Ready to use: Once the iron beeps and the lights stop blinking, it is ready to use. Manual Mode: If you prefer to manually adjust your heat settings, enter Manual Mode. Tap the top of the temperature panel to increase the heat or tap the bottom of the panel to decrease the heat. If the screen is unlocked: tap the power button once to enter Manual Mode. If the screen is locked: double tap the power button to unlock the screen, then tap it one more time to enter Manual Mode. Refresh Mode: To retouch previously styled hair, tap the Refresh Mode button on the unlocked screen. The lights on the screen will turn blue to indicate Refresh Mode. When lights turn solid, the tool is ready to use. To exit Refresh Mode, unlock the tool by double tapping the power button, then tap the Refresh Mode button. How to style: Start with dry, detangled hair. Section and twist the top half of your hair out of the way and secure it with a sectioning clip. Gather the bottom half of your hair into another clip, leaving out a thin 1” section of hair. Slowly glide the iron through the section from roots to ends. Repeat on all sections until hair is fully styled. Use iron with caution, and select settings with caution. There are individual variations in how hair responds to heat. The optimal selection of settings may vary from person to person. In the first use, it is best to test at a low heat and for a short duration. If there are any adverse or unexpected effects, stop use of the iron immediately.