leo collection pizza set

Leo Collection Pizza Set

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Create delicious and authentic Italian pizza at home with the Leo pizza set. The high-quality ceramic pizza stone holds and distributes heat evenly while absorbing moisture from the dough which results in crusty perfection. The slicer delivers two functions in one; the blade allows you to easily slice thin and thick crust pizzas while the integrated grater finely grates your cheese. The shovel from natural wood is designed to slide under the pizza to place it in a hot oven and take it out when ready. The shovel goes directly from the oven to the table as it doubles as a cutting and serving board. The integrated grid lines make portioning easy and ensures that all the delicious pieces are equally sized.


  • Set comes with 1x pizza shovel (18.5x13.8x0.43), 1x pizza stone (14.75x11.75x0.5), 1x grater (13.7x4.7x1.6)
  • Corderiete Stone, Bamboo, glass-fiber body, stainless steel
  • Handwash Recommended
  • Imported