Lemon Strawberry Poppy Seed Cake Kit

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This kit makes a very moist and not-too-sweet cake. The gentle crunch of the poppy seeds and the flavors of lemon and strawberries work together to taste like summer (although this cake can be made all year round if you use frozen strawberries, which work just as well as fresh). This kit is vegan-friendly if you use dairy free milk and oil instead of butter. Inside the kit you will find: Poppy Seed Cake Mix, Strawberry Glaze Mix, Strawberry Decorations, Non-Stick Liner, Instruction Card. (You will also receive the perfect 8" baking pan to bake your kit in!) To make the cake you will need: Milk, Butter/Oil, Lemons, Strawberries The Caker’s cake kits are made with top quality, carefully sourced ingredients and take the concept of a traditional baking mix one step further by introducing innovative flavors, multiple components and luxe packaging. The Caker has a figurehead chef, Jordan Rondel, who has strong, trending values around food and creates an addictive desire for people to emulate her style in their own baking. When you bake a cake kit by The Caker, you’re baking one of Jordan’s intimately crafted recipes, using ingredients she has hand-selected and weighed out for you. Upon making one, your house will fill with the comforting aroma of baking as your cake turns golden in the oven. And when it comes to gifting - move over generic bottle of wine - one of The Caker's cake kits says so much more.