Hustle Neon Sign

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Are you a hustler looking for the perfect sign to reflect your personality? Are you always working hard and striving to be better than you were before? Sometimes, when life gets tough, you need someone to show you the light and guide you out of a slump. This neon light spells ‘HUSTLE’ and comes in a burst of neon pink light. The letters are vertical, so it’s easier for you to hang it up in even the tiniest of space. Gone are the days of feeling alone and unsupported. This neon sign will remind you of the dedicated and motivated person you are. You'll never lose sight of your goals again. Whether you hang it up in your home office or your bedroom, this LED light sign will add a pop of color to any setting. .


  • It comes with keyholes drilled into the back of the acrylic box, so you can hang it up within minutes, and be good to go.
  • 6"x2"x20"
  • 2.15 lbs.
  • Imported

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