heated lash styler

Heated Lash Styler

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This styler takes your lashes to the next level by shaping them with gentle heat. Simply power on, wait 30-60 seconds, and rest the ceramic rod against the lash base and pull upward. Uses just enough heat to safely tame, style and set both unruly lashes and even brows. Its sleek, portable shape is perfect for on-the-go touch ups, and it charges from and USB port (no batteries required!)

Creates a lasting upswept curl, perfect for unruly lash hair
Can be used on natural or false lashes and extensions, as well as brows
For extra oomph, after your mascara has dried, you can go over the lashes again to "set" them into place
Gentle heat temperature of 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure heat won't hurt skin
Fully recharges in one hour using any standard USB port supports 20 minutes of continuous use.
Blue light = charging
Green light = charging complete
Red light = on (hold button for 3 seconds to power on), wait 30-60 seconds for the curler to heat up

How To Use:
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If you have troublesome lashes, traditional curling tools won’t always cut it. This Heated Lash Styler can coax even the most stubborn and unruly set of lashes perfectly into place, and is gentle enough for eyelash extensions. It can even be used to calm over-curled lashes, and coax unruly brows into place.

Here’s how to turn up the heat on your lashes:

1. Press and hold the on/off switch for 1.5 seconds, until the red light comes on. Wait 30-60 seconds for the styler to heat up. (Caution: do not leave on for too long before use, as the styler could overheat.)

2. Put your chin up and look down in front of a mirror. Position the rod at the root of the top lash and slowly sweep it upwards to the tips of the lashes. At the same time, “resist” the styler  by slightly closing your eye so the lashes push down on the rod.

3. For extra oomph, after your mascara has dried, you can go over the lashes again for a final sweep to “set” them into place.