Flex Cut Nail Clippers

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Uniquely engineered nail clippers created to actually cut, never snap, the nails. The body is ergonomically designed for improved comfort and grip—but the key game-changer is in the mechanics. The swivel head boasts over 360° movement that moves from one side to the other, offering full freedom that allows you to adjust the best position to clip your fingernails or toenails. Stainless steel blades are specially shaped with a curve to trim, clip, and cut with precision every time.

  • Luxe, pro-grade tool
  • Unique 360° rotational movement provides flexibility in positioning
  • Ergonomic body offers comfort and grip
  • Stainless steel blades are intentionally shaped with an inclining curve to better mimic the natural shape of the nails
  • Trims fingernails and toenails with equal ease and precision for a clean—never ragged—cut
  • Clips without placing undue stress on nails that can cause snapping, splitting, or breakage
  • How to use: Lift and rotate the clipper lever before starting. Position the blades as needed, then trim or cut nails to your desired length and shape. For best results, start with the outer corners, then clip the center to finish shaping. To clean, wash with warm, soapy water. Let fully air dry before storing. When cleaning, remove the mini nail file from the clippers. Wash and let fully dry before placing back into clippers.
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