dual side travel brush set
dual side travel brush set
dual side travel brush set
dual side travel brush set

Dual Side Travel Brush Set

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Pautips is always on the go. From Colombia to Miami, she needs a brush set that can keep up. The Dual Side Travel Set contains 4 duo ended brushes perfect for any look. Buff, blend, set, and powder all areas of your face while also styling a full eye makeup look with these versatile brushes. This set is exceptional for those traveling or those building their brush arsenal at home. LUXIE 181 Dual Eye Blender: Duo ended soft eye brush composed of an angled brush and tapered brush can be used to apply and blend out eyeshadow. LUXIE 184 Duo-End Blush: The Duo-ended blush brush is composed of an angled brush on one end and a rounded blending brush on the other. This brush can be used for blush and bronzer application. LUXIE 185 Dual Liquid/Cream: This brush is composed of a dense thick brush for liquid and cream face products and the other side is complete with a flat brush to apply face makeup products. LUXIE 186 Eye’z brush: Duo ended eye brush composed of a flat straight smudge brush and a thin angled liner brush on the other side. This brush can be used to smudge eye products and create any defined eye shape.

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How to Use: 

  • Step 1. Take a bowl, fill it up with some warm water. Step 2. Add a few pumps of dish soap and start swirling your brushes around. Step 3. Apply slight pressure to really get up in there, but only the bristles.( Do not submerge your brushes past the metal part to avoid getting water trapped in the brush). Step 4. Grab a clean towel and gently tap off the excess water, then let your brushes lay flat for a couple of hours or overnight on a bare countertop or service, and viola! You have perfectly clean brushes with help from items you already have lying around your house! It is so important to keep all of your makeup brushes and tools clean so that your skin will not have to worry about foreign bacteria or germs ruining your barrier. Cleaning them every couple of weeks or months can help you keep a clearer complexion. Best of luck keeping your brushes squeaky clean!

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