Dream Neon Sign

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With so many people reimagining their living spaces and finding new ways to spruce up dull rooms that otherwise would not stand out, you need to be smart and creative when it comes to letting your wall art Decor set the theme for your home design. Incorporating elements of neon lights and technology into your home is the simplest way you can set yourself apart and become the envy of many. But why stop at led neon signs that you can easily find in most public spaces? The best part about decorating your personal space is that you get to let your imagination run wild and find the most creative neon wall lights to add some personality to your rooms. If you've had your fair share of experience organizing parties, you must be familiar with the struggle of finding the right lighting to create the most exciting environment in any space. Our neon wall lights have got your back! There’s something for everyone, whether you're a stickler for words and catchphrases or would love to use symbols and figures to give life to dull and boring walls. .


  • With this neon-blue wall sign, that’s sure to stop everyone in their tracks, you’d be able to add the most wondrous and subtle glow to your home without needing to go overboard.
  • 20"x2"x14"
  • 4.5 lbs.
  • Imported