concierge fully automatic bean to cup espresso machine
concierge fully automatic bean to cup espresso machine
concierge fully automatic bean to cup espresso machine
concierge fully automatic bean to cup espresso machine
concierge fully automatic bean to cup espresso machine

Concierge Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine

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Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine Thin, fast and easy! Bean to Cup ESPRESSIONE Concierge fully automatic espresso machine will make your favorite espresso or coffee beverage easily with a simple touch. Extremely compact thin slim profile – with a width only 7 inches (180 mm) machine allows you to place it in your home office, the smallest of city kitchens, or any office appliance room. Astonishingly fast thermoblock heating system-first drop of coffee appears approximately 22 seconds from standby position, making you feel like an at home barista in a matter of seconds. Incredibly easy to use LED Control Panel with display. One press of a button and you have an espresso with great crema, or your favorite coffee beverage! Adjustable coffee spout is able to accomodate any size cup, including travel mugs. Adjustable steam nozzle for frothing milk to create the perfect cappuccino or macchiato. You can feel like you are in Italy from the comfort of your own home! The auto off feature allows you to make your beverage and not have to worry about anything else! Now you can have your favorite espresso beverage in a sophisticated, beautiful and solid performing Espressione Concierge! Additional features include: - Powerful 19 Bar Pressure Technology - Elegant LED panel with One Touch Keys - Frothing mechanism to froth and foam milk, make cappuccinos and macchiatos with ease. - Boiler/Thermoblock delivers precise water temperature during entire brewing process and regulates between frothing and brewing ensuring taste quality. - Thermoblock heater (die-cast aluminum with integrated stainless steel tube). - Hot Water function allows you to make hot tea and other beverages. - ECO System with auto-stop (ASO) and Programmable Automatic Shut-off. - Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder (extremely quiet-low noise-70dB) with 5 Precise fineness settings – use your favorite beans to make the espresso you love! - Adjustable Coffee Dispenser and removable drip tray accommodates large cups and mugs. - Coffee Size Memory Function for convenience. - Patented Pre-brewing and brewing systems. - Coffee Bean Hopper 160g capacity keeps coffee beans fresh. - Very Fast Patented Brewing Unit provides first drop of coffee appears in approximately 22 seconds from standby position. - Descaling Program removes buildup automatically ensuring lasting performance. - Self-rinse cycle prevents oil buildup, for fresh, clean flavor in every cup. - Beautiful and space efficient design in an embossed steel brushed body. - Press buttons twice for a double espresso shot or double americano. Care & Usage * Brewing group removes for easy, regular rinsing. * Wipe exterior of machine with a microfiber cloth. * Empty coffee grounds container and drip tray, wash under running water. Machine operates at 120v 1350 watts; CETL approved. Unit dimensions: 7”x15.6”x12.4” / 18cm ? 40cm ? 32cm, 17.2 lbs./7.8 kg. Gift box dimensions: 8.5”x17”x15” / 22cm ? 43cm x 37cm, 19.3 lbs./8.8 kg.


  • 1.2 Liter Removable Water Reservoir with Easy Refill Access.
  • Stainless/ABS.
  • Imported.
  • Hand wipe.

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