Color Infusion Astrology Charm Bangle Bracelet

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The universe speaks to us in signs and symbols. Find yours in an Alex and Ani design.

We are designed to connect you to every single part of your soul’s destiny. Your life is made up of the connections you create — to yourself, your loved ones, spirit, nature, humanity, and the universe itself. Our jewelry is meant for you to express your unique self.

Whether wearing alone or in a stack of bracelets, these easy wear bracelets are perfect for collection and giving as gifts.
? Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18.
? Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20
? Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19.
? Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20.
? Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21.
? Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22.
? Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22.
? Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22.
? Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23.
? Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24–November 21.
? Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21.
? Capricornus (Goat): December 22–January 19.


  • Expandable from 2" to 3.5"
  • Nickel-free
  • Brass
  • 3.5" L x 3.5" W x 0.5" H
  • Spot Clean
  • Made in USA

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