Catherdal Arch Wall Shelf

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Add a mix of modern and rustic farmhouse storage solutions into your home decor with this hanging wood and metal shaped shelving rack that features an arched top and open back. Minimal in design yet offering maximum storage options, this sleek and shiny metal and whitewashed wood shelving unit makes for a stylish, elegant and functional storage solution for your home decor needs. The pairing and contrast of the silver metal against the rustic wood truly gives it a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Suitable for any number of storage solutions within your home, this hanging shelving unit will certainly stand out as a prominent decor fixture within your home. Whether for your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen, this piece offers versatility in placement and use. Plus, the rounded oval shape offers a break from linear style furniture. Ideal for housing those special keepsakes, mementos, picture frames, chotchkes, or small plants, this charming shelf can be used for a variety of options. Perfect for toiletries and other bathroom essentials or to house oils, spices and other kitchen accessories, this functional decor item gives you options..


  • Lightweight and outfitted with two keyhole slots on the back make for easy hanging and installation.
  • 16.5"x6.25"x27.75"
  • 6.25 lbs.
  • Imported