black obsidian facial roller
black obsidian facial roller
black obsidian facial roller

Black Obsidian Facial Roller

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Enhance your skin’s natural beauty with the Black Obsidian Crystal Facial Roller. This beauty tool relaxes your skin and draws out your most radiant complexion with a soothing facial massage. Made with two Black Obsidian Crystal stones, each targets a unique area of the face to deliver maximum glow.

How to Use: 

  • 1. Begin rolling gently at the neck area 2. Move up towards the jawline and cheeks, and roll in outwards motions towards your hairline 3. Use smaller stone to roll very gently around your eye area 4. Repeat on other side of the face 5. Perform outward and upward strokes with your roller for 5-10 minutes daily.
  • Black Obsidian / Aluminium

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