bella blanca eau de parfum, 3-pc gift set - set -

Bella Blanca Eau de Parfum, 3-Pc Gift Set - SET -

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Bella Blanca was inspired by nature’s beautiful delights sharing their enchanting scents with the world. Still covered in dew drops from the morning mist, the soft sweetness of Lychee and Pear swirl in a gorgeous floral breeze. Gentle hints of lush green leaves and Lily of the Valley, awaken towards the sunlight to mingle with soft petals of Orange Flower and Ttuberose. A background of elegant softness trails in the air as creamy sandalwood and white orris dance with silky Musk. With this value set containing a large size and travel size fragrance, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicate and enveloping scent of Bella Blanca all over your body thanks to the addition of the silky, soothing Body Lotion. Fragrance Notes: Top notes: Lychee, Sparkling pear, Delicate Lily of the Valley; Middle Notes: Orange flower, Dewy Violet Leaves, Jasmine Sambac; Base notes; Opopanax,Patchouli, Ionone, Heliotrope, Coumarin