BEAR™ mini + UFO™ mini 2 4-Piece Gift Set

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Enjoy a non-invasive targeted BEARâ„¢ mini facelift combining superior microcurrent, T-Sonic massage, and pristine conductive Serum Serum Serum for a youthful,contoured, fresh complexion. Follow with a supercharged UFOâ„¢ mini 2 full facial spa for instantly nourished skin and a restored natural luster thanks to the spectacular 6-pack of Glow Addict UFOâ„¢ Power Activated Masks.

  • Helping to prevent signs of aging, BEARâ„¢ mini visibly smoothens fine lines by gently exercising the 69 muscles in your face and neck.
  • What fitness does to your body, BEARâ„¢ mini does to your face and neck muscles.
  • BEARâ„¢ gives you a smoother, glowing complexion due to eliminating toxins and easing facial tension
  • Featuring Thermo-therapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonicâ„¢ massage, a combination of science-backed spa technologies, UFOâ„¢ mini 2 supercharges your mask – leaving your skin rejuvenated in just 2 minutes, and nourished for ages.
  • Premium quality
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