bath bombs gift set

Bath Bombs Gift Set

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Can't decide which bath bombs are right for you? Our variety pack of handmade spa balls gives you’re the best of both worlds. The mixing possibilities are endless, mix to create unique scent combinations and it will make you smell fresh and renewed.

  • 10 x Cherry Blossom Ball (30g) - Rehydrate and nourish your skin with this Bath Bomb. Soak in a bath, your skin will benefit so much from absorbing all the goodness packed inside
  • 10 x Vanilla Ball (30g) - Unwind physically and emotionally. Its alluring scent will indulge and heighten your senses while putting you at ease. You will go from stress to inner peace
  • 10 x Coconut Jasmine Ball (30g) - Create an atmosphere of opulence while you soak your skin. It will cleanse as well as soothe leaving your skin feeling velvety, sinuous, and youthful
  • Marble Handmade Gift Box - It’s the perfect gift to give on Birthdays or any other occasion. No additional wrapper needed, it is ready to go with its vibrant décor
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